Carbon Fiber Hood installation can relatively be an easy process; anyone with a little mechanical knowledge should be able to install parts in a few hours. Tools are also very standard, and if you have taken your factory parts before, replacing it with an aftermarket piece should be no trouble at all.

  1. Remove factory hood from the bolts at the end of the hinges. (Do not remove the hinges)
  2. Install new aftermarket hood by reverse process.
  3. Tighten bolts to just enough torque to hold the hood in place, but lose enough to be adjusted by a tug.
  4. Remove hood latch and check alignment.
  5. If the hood is not aligned properly, adjust accordingly and tighten bolts at the hinges.
  6. Re-install hood latch and adjust for fitment. (If the hood is latched but not fully close, the latch might need to be adjusted shorter. If the hood does not latch down, the latch might need to be adjusted longer.
  7. Check for fit and you’re done.

Note: Install a hood at your own risk. It is advised that hood pins be used for any aftermarket hoods.

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