I just saw the new 2010 and up Chevrolet Camaro Body Kits and they look awesome! I love the style of this car and the body kit adds even finer lines. The only thing that I think is missing is a set of lambo doors.


My Buddy just got a 2001-2007 Mercedes C Class. I told him he needed to check out a few of the body kits for the C Class. This AMG is my favorite style. Let me know what you all think of the Mercedes C Class Body Kits.

I have seen some pretty wicked body kits on the Cadillac Escalade lately, so I thought I would show off my favorite style. Let me know what you all think of the Cadillac Escalade Body Kits.

Check out this 1997 Chevy Cavalier with a Street Fighter 2 body kit and Z3 fenders. It looks sick! There are so many mods to this car that it is too much to list.

This is my favorite body kit for the Audi. This kit is not too aggressive but still adds some nice curves. This is the Corsa style Audi body kit.

Body kits are a great way to ad a new look to your vehicle and improve its performance at the same time. Acura body kits are available for any model Acura and add a unique look to the car. Some body kits include ground effects. These are usually side skirts and air dams and they fit around the bottom of the vehicle. These additions alter the normal airflow around and beneath the car and improve down force. They also give the vehicle the appearance of being closer to the ground. Kits for Acura vehicles often include spoilers. Front spoilers are located under the front bumper and act to reduce the aerodynamic drag. Rear spoilers, often mounted on the trunk, create a down force that adds traction during acceleration of the vehicle.

Body kits for Acura’s are available in many materials. Choosing the material in the kit will depend on what extra performance you are looking to gain from the vehicle, as well as what unique look you wish to add. Generally, two types of materials are used in body kits. These materials are either fiberglass or urethane. Fiberglass is more commonly used. This is because it fits better and if a piece is damaged, it can easily be repaired or replaced. Fiberglass has a much better finish and is paint-able. Though fiberglass is the popular choice, urethane body kits have their advantage as well. Urethane is resistant to impact more than fiberglass. The down side to better resistance is that the urethane cannot be repaired if it is damaged.

Acura usually offers a factory warranty on all body kits. Contacting an Acura dealer is suggested when looking to purchase a body kit. They will be able to tell you the best materials to use, what is included in the kit and can inform you ahead of time if any alterations need to be made to the vehicle in its current state. Sometimes factory pieces have to be removed for a body kit to fit properly. It is advised to avoid purchasing any body kit that requires the removal of factory parts. Removing parts could alter the safety of the vehicle.

Acura body kits are available with various options. Choosing a kit may require some compensation. Not all kits come with exactly what you want and it may be necessary to buy two kits to achieve the look you are seeking. Pay attention to the cost of the kits. The ones manufactured by Acura will be much more expensive. This does not mean they are of better quality than a cheaper generic brand. If the part is made of the material you desire and it will give your vehicle the look you seek, then it may be wise to save the money and spare the Acura trademark. Body kits are made by many companies to fit hundreds of models of vehicles. Shop around at local body shops and on the internet to find a kit that includes the pieces you want at an affordable price.

Installation of the parts should be done professionally. Many parts require being welded, while some just need to be screwed on. It is better to seek out a body shop that sells the kit you want and have them do the installation. This will be beneficial is any painting needs to be done to match the added parts to the current vehicle color. Acura body kits are a great way to give your vehicle a new look and improve its performance at the same time.

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This Nissan 350z is sick. The paint job and body kit look unbelievable on this car.